Reporting a Bird Ring

Thank you for reporting one of our bird rings. Please complete the details of the ring and include your own contact information if you would like a response.

The information you are supplying provides valuable data about the bird including; where and when it was originally ringed, where it was last seen, how far it has travelled and even how old it is. All this data helps us to understand changes in movements of migrating birds and the effect that loss of habitat and global warming are having on birds survival rates.

We are happy to respond to you and share the information we have about the bird you saw/found. Thank-you again for assisting with our data collection and for helping us help birds!

John Horton
Alderney Bird Observatory

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I agree that my personal details as given on this form may be passed to the originating Ringing Scheme and to the Ringer of the bird. These details will not be provided to any other parties.